Taming complexity

CloudCheckr’s multiple best practice checks are a valuable differentiator. However, their use and management were painful, especially for large customers. Legacy design The old design had hundreds of individual checks each with individual controls that required users to manipulate each one at a time. The list was so large that the user needed to scroll […]

Rescuing the out of scope design

We needed to turn an engineering prototype into a product with an aggressive schedule. Resource constraints threatened to push back design changes until after release. 

workflow diagram

Go with the flow

This design was made to capture documents to the Info Input Express data-flow. The concept was refined into a linear flow that designed to minimize the opportunity for user error.

Pocket-sizing a flagship

The Dell K1000 Management Appliance is a workhorse IT server which allows admins to track, manage and update their entire fleet of devices from a web UI. K1000 Go is the pocket interface to this powerful appliance.  I was the lead designer for this project, responsible for workflow and design decisions, working with another designer, a user researcher, project […]

Managing Complexity

The Dell K3000 Mobile Device Management Appliance was a clean-sheet design for a server-appliance to manage mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  I was the lead designer for this project, responsible for workflow and design decisions. I worked with a graphic designer, user researcher, project manager and developers.  Simple but powerful The search feature […]

Less is more… focused

How do you update a successful but out-dated product and improve the perception of quality? I updated the Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk to focus on the user’s own images, not the user interface.

A complex relationship

Superdisk was software for using excess storage capacity from many devices on a network, combining them to form decentralized, cloud-like storage.  The sketch explores how to communicate the complex relationship of the differing capacity of contributing devices each with separate used/free space.  Responsive The same design elements are adapted from desktop to mobile. A workflow […]