Focusing on the image

Kodak needed a new experience for their outdated Picture Maker Kiosk to maintain the perception of quality.

Pocket-sizing a flagship

The Dell K1000 Management Appliance is a workhorse IT server which allows admins to manage their entire fleet of devices from a web UI. K1000 Go is the pocket interface to this powerful appliance.

Managing complexity

I was the lead designer for a clean-sheet design to manage hundreds of mobile devices.

Dreams unfulfilled

New market, great concepts, but management gets cold feet.

Rescuing the out-of-scope design

New design but no UI development resources. That's when I stepped in.

A complicated relationship

Superdisk was software for using excess storage capacity from many devices on a network, combining them to form decentralized, cloud-like storage.

Reinventing Email

Before touch-screens were prevalent, email was typically a keyboard and mouse activity. I led the cross-functional team that recreated email for Xerox touch-screen multifunction machines.

Going with the flow

A streamlined workflow makes capturing photos of documents foolproof.

Beyond requirements

I went beyond the original scope of the project and proposed an end-to-end system that not only notifies the user when supplies are low, but also directs the purchase to the original vendor.

The incredible shrinking screen

The same design had to be scaled to fit anything from the largest full-screen displays to the smallest quarter-panel devices.

Scan to me

ScanMate+ is an app to wirelessly scan directly from an office scanner to your phone.