Dreams unfulfilled

This was a concept for a scanning software that was never built. The project got as far as a click-through prototype demo which I crafted using HTML5, CSS3 & Angular.

However, the design language I developed became the basis for most of the work I did after this.

Try the prototype


I directed the design consultancy ELSE London through early concept development including these sketches.

Evolving design

An early iteration of the design starting to take shape.

Tweaks to add clarity

I recognized that cryptic icons don't communicate well. We added text labels to the navigation. We also combined some screens to simplify the navigation. 

A minimalist home screen. Later we would do away with this screen altogether to simplify navigation. 

Option appear on mouse-over to scan or import files. This screen will soon become the home screen.

The edit screen simplified navigation further by showing a sequence of expandable sections. When closed, these sections reflect their settings for easy readability. 

Click through prototype

I further refined the design before moving on to a prototype for usability testing and to inform developers. 

Unfortunately, the project was canceled before any users could be recruited or tested. But, I have a visual and navigational prototype to try. It only simulates the functionality but most interaction is implemented.

Try the prototype