K1000 Go Mobile App

The Dell K1000 Management Appliance is a workhorse IT server which allows admins to track, manage and update their entire fleet of devices from a web UI. K1000 Go is the pocket interface to this powerful appliance.

I was the lead designer for this project, responsible for workflow and design decisions. I worked with another designer, a user researcher, project manager and developers.

K1000 Go

One challenge was in refining a huge set of functions down to the most useful and most appropriate for mobile use.

In addition, we decided to launch with both iOS and Android and to support both tablet and phone-sized UI. We couldn't simply scale up the design but needed to adapt the UI to take advantage of the differences while retaining a branded style.


As with all projects I explored many different design directions for the UI.


Responsive design

Similar points in the same workflow across device sizes.


Workflow Diagrams

Every interaction was choreographed to anticipate errors and other unusual situations.

Login Workflow
Main App workflow