Recommendations via LinkedIn

Gary is a cool guy, a great UED designer. I like this guy a lot! He is very much responsive and his UED solutions are really great. Great personality, love to work with him.
Gary is a singularly skilled individual. He is the most thorough and thoughtful user interface designer I've had the honor to work with in my career.

He has a truly impressive ability to take a a set of technical requirements and programmer-produced functionally-designed interface mockups, internalize the rationale behind each of those components and then extrapolate from that a human-centric design that leaps the great chasm from merely functional to truly usable.

I would be thrilled to work with Gary again on any design project whether it be a door handle or a jet cockpit.
Gary is a very gifted designer to work with here at Dell. He and I have worked together on both Enterprise software user interfaces and mobile application designs. He's gone the extra mile to seek out design solutions to some very complex and uncommon user interactions working within the chaos of an Agile environment. It's been a pleasure to work with Gary!

It has been great to work with Gary. He is organized, efficient, and extremely competent. He has proven to be a skilled specialist with a clear vision to convert problematic areas within an interface to intuitive and straightforward interaction solutions.
Gary was the UX designer assigned to my team at Dell. As a front-end engineer, I worked closely with him on feature layout and placement. In life, there are people you meet who not only leave their mark on a product but also on you as a professional. Gary is one of those people. I grew as a software engineer because I worked with him. His passion for UX was evident in his creative solutions that made the smallest of spaces useful and intuitive. I could always ask him "Why?" and get an insightful answer that changed the way I looked at that part of the interface going forward. Being part of a remote workforce, there were times that I would email him with questions on how the UI should function and his responses would be detailed and well-written which allowed me to finish my tasks with little follow-up. Gary's passion, knowledge, attitude, work-ethic and leadership make him an asset to any organization.
Working with Gary was an absolute pleasure. Gary has such an incredible grasp of user experience, and what makes products tick. He seems to be one of the few UX professionals that I have worked with that has the ability to put himself in the shoes of many different types of users at once. His attitude and professionalism made it incredibly easy to work with Gary on projects. I'd work with Gary any day, if given the chance.
I would not hesitate to recommend Gary. He would be valuable to any business looking for a dedicated inspired asset with the talents he brings.
Gary Davis is a talented User Interaction Designer that I had the pleasure to work with in Kodakā€™s Retail Print Solutions group and I enthusiastically recommend him. Gary has a diverse background and unique skill set that sets him apart from other User Interaction Designers Iā€™ve worked with. His degree in Industrial Design (and inherent design sense), coupled with Human Factors and Graphic Design work experience in consumer electronics, self service kiosk GUIs, equipment hardware design and ergonomics, web site development/design and product usability testing allows him to deliver world class designs regardless of whether youā€™re looking for help with vision / strategy work or straight ahead commercialization activities.

Gary and I worked jointly on a variety of advanced development kiosk user interface initiatives. I found him to work well in team environments, be highly professional, proactive, a strong advocate for users needs, creative and focused on delivering elegant and highly usable designs. He also served as a key team member in terms of his vast knowledge base of industry trends and competitive benchmarking. These attributes were also apparent in his individual project work for kiosk functionality, creation of new market trade trial systems and hardware design and instructional graphics and messaging which were presented during UX team information sharing and design review sessions.
I worked with Gary at Xerox Corporation, and I found him to be a skilled problem solver and interaction designer. In this capacity, he contributed to many innovative hardware and software application user interfaces.
I have had the opportunity to work with Gary at two levels; directing his work in Human factors and as a colleague in overlapping projects. I can also say after working with Gary these last two years he has capabilities and interests that are broad and refined.

A few years ago when directing his work in creating state-event tables, as well as bug reports, Gary showed a fine attention to detail and understanding of camera software architecture just from reviewing the tables. His work was invaluable to get a project out quickly.
As a colleague most recently, I have seen his mixed background in Industrial design, Interaction design and Human Factors bring a depth and quality to work, that few can offer. His broad interests in everything from web design to cell phones make him a great resource as well. His skill on both Macintosh as well as PCs, more than once helped me solve an issue. I really canā€™t say enough about how much he knows, due to his own interests in researching topics that interest him.
In a nutshell Gary knows how to do a lot of things and has the professionalism to carry them out to perfection.
Gary Davis is a designer who is unusual in that he excels in a wide range disciplines including Human Factors, User Interface Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Usability, User Experience and Industrial Design. At Xerox we worked together for years, and subsequently I have sought his counsel on several projects. At Tango Product Design, we chose Gary to design our websites. He is a pleasure to work with and his integrity and work ethic are beyond reproach.
I have worked with Gary Davis on three advance development future products. I have grown to appreciate his forward looking ideas. He has been instrumental in designing the new look of our future kiosk interfaces. Gary often reminds me of the type of person who would work for Apple or Microsoft, but mostly Apple. His ideas are refreshing and innovative and at times, have challenged me as a developer to go beyond what is conventional.
Gary is an outstanding user interaction designer at every level. He possesses a thorough understanding of UI architecture principles, is extremely inventive and creative in his approach, uses technology to improve the effectiveness and ease of use of his designs and is able to create very high quality graphics to accompany his UI architecture. I can, without reservation, recommend Gary for any User Interface Design position at the most senior levels.
Gary and I worked closely together at Xerox. He is a superb user interaction designer. He is attentive to both the big picture (e.g., user experience architecture and logical design) and the details (e.g., widgets and graphics). He is truly creative and innovative in his approach to human-machine interaction design.