Supplies Monitor

Originally I was asked to simply provide graphics for a printer monitor.


The program manager told me that it was difficult to get resellers interested in carrying Xerox products because of small margins and no guarantee of future sales of lucrative supplies. I went beyond the original scope of the project and proposed an end-to-end system that not only notifies the user when supplies are low but also directs the purchase to the original vendor.

This was all done using existing infrastructure in a novel way that required no configuration by the user or vendor. When the software solution was announced in Europe, it generated enthusiastic interest from vendors and promises to help drive third-party distribution of new products.

Process Flow

The "Order Supplies" link within the status monitor launches a background application that will send the user's browser to a Xerox URL.

Encoded in the URL query are the device serial number and other data.

The Xerox web server looks up the reseller based on the data in the URL and redirects the user to the reseller’s site.

To the user, the background app and redirection are invisible steps. From their view, they clicked and ended up at the seller’s site.

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Visual Design

Clicking "Order Supplies" will direct the user to the third party vendor's website.

The original reseller's website opens with a list of Xerox part numbers for their printer above. The vendor can choose to parse the URL and display a product specific page.